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Michael Furrer is the Managing Partner and founder of Longbow Financial Services, a Washington based financial consulting firm specializing in Corporate Retirement Planning and Individual Client Wealth Management. As a former 82nd...

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Betty Ross

Account Manager


Betty Ross has been the Account Manager for Michael Furrer since 1995. Ms. Ross is licensed with the state of Washington for Life, Health and Disability. Her favorite quote is, “Life is not about surviving the storm, but learning how...

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Lauren McBeth is the Operations Assistant to Michael Furrer. She has been with Longbow Financial Services since June of 2015. Outside of work she enjoys cooking and textile arts, such as spinning, knitting, and weaving.

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Amanda Banta

LPL Registered Administrative Assistant


Amanda Banta is a LPL Registered Administrative Assistant and Director of Client Engagement for Longbow Financial Services. In this capacity, Amanda collects insight and seeks opportunities to grow our relationships with clients....

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